Pure beginnings.

We're on a mission to hold the diamond industry to a higher standard, with a new, environmentally conscious, and conflict-free process that gives everyone pure peace of mind.

Real diamonds
with honest origins

The singular difference between our diamonds and mined diamonds is the origin. Every Great Heights diamond is lab-grown using a craft that mirrors the natural growing process. They're molecularly identical, but without the destructive force of mining or murky ethics.

Quality, no matter
which stone you choose

The 4C's can be overwhelming. That’s why every one of our diamonds passes rigorous inspection, optimizing for cut, color, and clarity. You can feel confident knowing you're getting a quality diamond that's flawless to the naked eye.

Independently certified diamonds that meet our minimum standard of quality

Our Cut

Ideal to Excellent

The diamond's cut affects the way light is captured and reflected from your stone. The full spectrum ranges from Fair (dull or glassy appearance) to Ideal / Excellent (reflecting the most possible light). Great Heights only offers diamonds that are Ideal to Excellent.

Our Color

Colorless (D) to Near Colorless (J)

The color scale ranges from D (colorless) to Z (considerably yellow). The less color, the higher the value of your stone. Great Heights diamonds sit between D and J, with near-perfect color.

Our Clarity

Flawless (FL) to Slightly Included (SI2)

Clarity refers to the birthmarks in a diamond, ranging from visible nicks and flaws (I3) to 100% inclusion-free diamonds (FL). Every Great Heights diamond is SI2 and above, with few to no inclusions visible to the naked eye.

A guided process from browsing to proposal

We're putting our decades of experience to work to help you navigate the nuances of diamonds. Combining industry know-how with thoughtful technology, we've developed an intuitive shopping experience that guides you to your perfect diamond.

From the experts who know diamonds best

Great Heights was founded by a team of industry veterans with over 100 years of combined experience. We know the industry to its core, and are infinitely equipped to clean it up. We’re putting quality and ethics first, so you can feel good about every facet of forever.

All yours, never mined