Art Deco Engagement Rings

The Art Deco movement, approximately 1910-1939, was a period of design defined by luxury, glamour, and modernity, when artisans used rich materials and superior craftsmanship to create quality products. Art Deco was not one style, but a collection of different styles that influenced architecture, interior and product design, textiles, wallpaper, fashion, furniture, ceramics, and jewelry. The period is known for a variety of defining characteristics, including its use of symmetry, straight lines, geometric shapes, simplification of forms, bright colors, and even stylized floral, leaf, and vine patterns. 

 Art Deco jewelry was generally less ornate than previous styles. Strong, clean lines were featured, though delicate designs were sometimes added to help bolder shapes stand out. Diamonds were cut in less traditional forms and diamond settings changed, with more jewelers using platinum instead of gold. They also experimented by mixing darker materials, like black onyx and enamels, with diamonds. Jewelry giant, Cartier, designed diamond jewelry intermingled with colorful gemstones in the shape of fruits, flowers and leaves. Often, engagement rings took on a more masculine look, reflecting the bold silhouettes of the time.

Great Heights’ Selection of Art Deco Engagement Rings

Because the Art Deco period was a blend of different design influences, there is no one look in an Art Deco engagement ring. Great Heights’ assortment of Art Deco-influenced settings pair nicely with the many diamond shapes that we offer. We have various designs that highlight different styles of the Art Deco period. You may wish to consider a powerful halo-style, tri-split band setting, accentuated by a cushion-shaped diamond for a geometric effect. Or bring out the uncomplicated lines inherent in some Art Deco fashion with a smooth band, then pair it with a large solitaire stone for a more straightforward look. Patterns from nature can be found in some of our pave settings, with beautiful diamonds shaped into leaf or vine motifs. Similar designs reflecting nature are offered in engraved settings. Choose a curved feminine stone or an angular masculine diamond to create the Art Deco look that you are after.

Buying an Art Deco Engagement Ring

Perhaps you already have an Art Deco-style engagement ring in mind. Whether you are just starting your search or have already done your homework, you can use our online Ring Builder feature to help you create an Art Deco engagement ring you’ll love. You’ll pair one of our lovely settings with any of a variety of diamond shapes that we offer to help you create the ring of your dreams! Understanding the components that go into creating an engagement ring will help personalize your own ring with ease.

Choosing the Setting - Diamond engagement rings are made up of two main components: the setting and the center diamond. The setting includes everything except the center diamond. In the setting you will find any halos surrounding the center diamond, the prongs or basket that hold the diamond in place, and any diamonds that flank the center diamond. Finally, the band, or bands, whether smooth, engraved, or paved with smaller inset diamonds, make up the remainder of the setting. 

You can take advantage of our easy to use online Ring Builder to help you design your Art Deco ring. Setting metal colors are available in white, yellow, or rose gold, as well as platinum. And the diverse setting styles we offer will allow you to choose the Art Deco style that speaks to you. You’ll have fun looking through and comparing our selection of Art Deco settings right from your own home! Once you find a setting that you love, it’s time to pair it with one of our exquisite, ethically-sourced diamonds.

Choosing the Diamond - Now that you’ve selected the design and color of your Art Deco setting, you are ready to take the next step: it’s time to try out diamond shapes to find the one that looks perfect with your chosen setting. Great Heights offers a variety of diamond shapes, including radiant, cushion, emerald, round, princess, pear, oval, asscher, and marquise. Not sure which shape will work best with your Art Deco setting? Not to worry! You can have lots of fun trying out any of our diamond shapes with your chosen setting by using our convenient, online Ring Builder feature. 

Once you find a pairing you like, you can even try out a different band color to further achieve the desired look of your engagement ring. Not sure what size your diamond should be? Try choosing the size that looks best to you, then check the price of the ring. You can always change the diamond size, if necessary-that’s the beauty of designing your own ring!  You not only have the ability to work with various settings and diamond shapes, but you can also create within your budget. Did we mention that the dazzling lab-grown diamonds from Great Heights are up to 40% less expensive than mined diamonds? And 100% more ethical? You really can’t go wrong creating your diamond engagement ring with us. Above all, we want you to have fun while you mix and match Art Deco settings with our ethical diamonds!

Celebrities Wearing Art Deco Engagement Rings

Art Deco style represents several design influences from about a thirty year period, so, it’s easy to see why influential celebrities have fun wearing Art Deco rings. Here are some celebrities who favor Art Deco style engagement rings:

Kate Bosworth -This stunning actress wears an equally stunning platinum Art Deco- style halo setting, accented by a large cushion-shaped diamond. She pairs her engagement ring with a platinum Art Deco wedding band, both symbolizing her love for husband Michael Polish and for vintage jewelry.

Scarlett Johanson - Scarlett’s engagement ring is very Art Deco. Her dazzling light brown, pear-shaped, 11-carat diamond, from husband Colin Jost of Saturday Night Live, sits in contrast to a dark brown, curved setting, almost blown glass in its appearance. The darker color material paired with a large diamond is a classic example of Art Deco style.

Pippa Middleton - Lovely Pippa, younger sister of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wears an Art Deco-style engagement ring given to her by husband James Matthews. Pippa’s bold, statement ring features a glittering asscher-shaped, 3.5 carat diamond set in a wide pave halo setting.

Mary-Kate Olson - Actress Mary-Kate’s husband, Olivier Sarkozy, presented her with a magnificent example of an Art Deco style engagement ring. An actual vintage piece, her ring features a vintage European-shaped 4-carat diamond, in a setting with various components, including: a blue sapphire round halo; a yellow gold and pave, petal-shaped basket; and a yellow-gold, braided band.

Celebrities who choose Art Deco engagement rings prefer styles that are as unique as they are. You too can stand out with an Art Deco inspired ring!