10-Year Anniversary Gifts

As Beyoncé would say, let us upgrade you! As you may or may not be aware, the 10-year wedding anniversary gift, traditionally tin or aluminum, has been modernized and upgraded to diamonds because, let’s be real, the milestone is so significant it requires a mile…STONE.

Ten years with your spouse in 2020 is truly something to celebrate, and in light of that celebration, diamonds are replacing tin/aluminum as the nuanced tradition, and we are here to wholeheartedly approve of this new wave ritual.  There are many reasons why a woman would want a fresh take on an engagement ring/wedding band that’s been resting on her finger for an entire decade. Think about it – 10 years ago Yeezy’s were viewed as ‘ugly’, Kim Kardashian was dating Kris Humphries, Lady Gaga wore a dress made of meat to accept her Grammy; trends change, people change, so why shouldn’t your jewelry change with you? 


We love the idea of updating your diamond shape to better reflect your style, and the 10-year anniversary is the perfect occasion to take advantage of this opportunity. Upgrading a ring can be an expensive endeavor, however, with lab-grown diamonds you can save up to 40% on your new bling.  You can bring your ring into this decade with a lab-grown, ethically sourced diamond that you can feel good about wearing. 

One of the newer, more trendy options that is currently really popular is a pear-cut diamond. Pear-cut diamonds make for a really great stand-alone statement piece and could be a really good option if you’re looking to keep it simple and just switch out your stone. Pear-cut diamonds look awesome on any band, whether it be platinum, white, yellow, or rose gold, therefore making it the perfect stone to switch yours out with. Another great statement-piece stand-alone option would be an emerald-cut diamond. Emerald-cut diamonds have a way of being timeless, noticeable, and unique all at the same time. On a different note, if you do have a ring with multiple stones and you’re just looking to update the center stone, an oval-cut diamond is really stunning when framed with either a diamond band or side stones. Updating your ring can help save you some money while also providing a fresh take on your already beautiful piece of jewelry that just seems a teensy bit dated.  

Starting From Scratch

Buying an engagement ring is definitely a huge, very thought out gift, however, ten years into your marriage could also mean that you and your spouse are in a more comfortable position to make such a large purchase. A lot of couples get engaged at an age where they are not financially in a position to splurge on a dream ring, and this is exactly where Beyoncé steps in – UPGRADE. If you’re looking for simple with a modern twist, our Arc Solitaire set in yellow gold is unique yet simple and looks great with all diamond cuts, specifically radiant and pear. For those with a more classic taste in jewelry, the Infinity Cathedral Classic ring in a platinum band with either an oval or emerald-cut stone makes for a great choice. Anyone can rock this classic combination, and since it has a studded band you could opt for a slightly smaller center diamond without losing the extravagance/wow-factor of your upgraded ring. For those looking to really play around with one large stone, over 2 carats, our Delicate Solitaire ring is as simple as it gets and truly lets the diamond speak for itself. This could also be a great option if you’re looking into a rose gold or yellow gold band to frame your brand new large-and-in-charge rock because it brings a different flare than the traditional platinum band. 

Other Diamond Options

Engagement rings/wedding bands can be timeless, special pieces of jewelry that some people wish to leave untouched, and for people who feel this way, there are smaller yet just as meaningful gift ideas that can be given instead (that of course also include diamonds). A pair of diamond studs is a beautiful, coveted gift option that can leave your significant other feeling appreciated, loved, and will hold your spouse over until the next benchmark in your marriage! We offer gorgeous 3 and 4 prong diamond studs set in white or yellow gold in a range of carat options that make a perfect 10-year anniversary gift option.