Affordable Engagement Rings

A Guideline for the Couple That's Saving Money for a Dog

Let’s paint a picture. You wake up one glorious day, you look at your partner and you decide…yep, they’re the one. Holy shit…this is it. Ok, calm down, breathe…what is step one? Engagement Ring. Shit…your significant other has been begging for a puppy and now you have to also save up for an engagement ring?! How do you afford both? 

We’ll let you in on a little secret – you actually have a plethora of options that do not have to break the bank when it comes to engagement rings. Your idea of expensive might be different than someone else’s, but either way there are steps to working within a budget when it comes to searching for more affordable options for an engagement ring. Your budget concerns are totally valid and very common, so don’t worry, we have some fool-proof guidelines to help you through this process without having to compromise where you send your new puppy to doggy daycare. Could you imagine having to cut corners for your new baby pup? Not on our watch.


Step 1 would be actually setting your budget. It’s important to come up with an ideal amount you’d like to spend while also having an idea of what your absolute max is going to be. It is important to know this going in because having these parameters set up for you initially will allow for you to not get caught up in the process and end up overspending and stressing out after the fact. No one wants that added pressure when already making such a huge life decision, so it’s important to feel settled and prepared for the amount you’re allocating toward an engagement ring spend. Additionally, there are many different options with regards to payment, and at Great Heights we offer financing with Affirm, and we accept all major credit cards as well as wire transfers.


The second recommendation we have for your quest towards purchasing an affordable engagement ring would be to go with lab-grown diamonds! This is an amazing way to both be environmentally conscious as well as fiscally responsible. Lab-grown diamonds can be up to 40% less expensive than mined diamonds. Additionally, when it comes to the size of your stone, you can save a good amount of money by purchasing a diamond that is just under a full carat size. It is not easy to distinguish between a diamond that is 1.8 carats as opposed to a full 2 carat stone. The size difference won’t be extremely noticeable, and this is a great way to cut corners on the ring while cutting less corners when it comes to picking out your perfect puppy!  We understand that these are both pretty equally important priorities, so we’re willing to give you all the tips you need, for the puppy’s sake.

Don’t Forget.

Tip number 3 (if you’re still counting) is one that should be based off of your significant other’s personal taste and style, but in our opinion why not decorate the ring with as much shine as humanly possible?  We do know that for some couples size does matter, but you know you can achieve the aesthetic of a larger ring by dressing the center stone in a halo? What this means is that you can surround a center stone with smaller diamonds, which actually makes the ring appear larger than it really is. Halo settings give the appearance of a larger center stone, and we are all for this decision.


On the complete other end of the spectrum (also should be based off your significant other’s personal taste) you can go a very simple route by purchasing a ring with a solitaire setting, meaning there are less accent diamonds/metalwork on the band, keeping things really simple. If your fiancé likes timeless jewelry, this is a great option that can both save you money as well as ensure that your partner will feel comfortable with the ring style they are presented with. This can also give your partner the opportunity to play around with their surrounding jewelry, in case they have other rings they also like to wear.


Our 5th and final recommendation on this incredibly useful guideline would be to opt for 14k white, yellow, or rose gold as opposed to 18k or platinum bands/settings. This is fairly unnoticeable to the naked eye, and will allow for you to allocate more money toward the center stone and other characteristics you’d like in your ring.

You’re welcome for saving you from your puppy guilt, and we are excited to help you shop for your ideal, affordable, engagement ring!