Custom Wedding Rings for Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris

Soccer Stars Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris Round out the Decade by Exchanging Custom Designed Wedding Rings by Great Heights

U.S Women’s National Team and Orlando Pride teammates, Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris, rounded out the decade, and their near-decade of dating, by walking down the aisle in Miami, Florida this December.

The couple, previously fearful of losing endorsement deals because of their relationship, found it fitting to collaborate with brands and companies that both match their personal style as well as their views on equality and LGBTQ rights, which has been so important to their story. The pair has not always been the most forthcoming with the status and details of their relationship over the years, but in the wake of their engagement via a “selfie” proposal, the couple has acquired an incredibly supportive fanbase, labeling the soccer stars “Krashlyn” and following along closely on the couple’s journey to wedded bliss.
In September of 2018, Krieger and Harris were in Clearwater, Florida taking a selfie in front of a gorgeous sunset on the beach when Ashlyn popped the question. Vogue quoted Krieger stating “I proceeded to take a selfie and Ashlyn’s arm was in the back of the photo. I asked her to put it down and stop being silly, only to realize she had actually been holding the engagement ring the entire time I had been snapping photos. She pulled it around in front of me and then asked the big question!” From there, everything seemed to go according to plan as the couple prepared for their big day on the final Saturday of the decade.
Leading up to the wedding, Ali and Ashlyn had some decisions to make, and from the start it was important to the couple that their collaborations be authentic to their style, their beliefs and their story.  ‘Krashlyn’ decided on a “castle-like vibe” at the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, Florida, and set their date for Saturday, December 28, 2019. The castle on the water was just what they were looking for, and from there they worked with Sara Lowell from Sara Renee Events to take on the project of planning their dream wedding. Ultimately, the couple decided on designers Thom Brown for Ashlyn’s custom tux, Pronovias for Ali’s gown, Great Heights (yours truly) for their wedding rings, and a crowd of family, close friends and fellow athletes to witness as they spoke their vows. 
The couple stunned as they made their way down the aisle with both of their individual styles perfectly accentuated through dress, hair and makeup. Both Ali and Ashlyn walked themselves down the aisle, practicing what they preach as strong, independent women. According to Vogue, the guestlist included USWNT team captain and World Cup MVP Megan Rapinoe, who served as maid of honor, Ali’s brother, Kyle Krieger, as best man, and the ceremony was officiated by Orlando Pride player Sydney Leroux.   
In order to seal the deal, Ali and Ashlyn each personally crafted custom wedding rings with our designers at Great Heights. Our environmentally conscious and conflict-free process, where each diamond is lab-grown using a craft that mirrors the natural growing process, was a perfect fit for the couple – Ashlyn deciding on a 4.5x3mm emerald cuts and 3mm rounds, totaling 7 carats set in platinum, and Ali a 5x3mm emerald cuts with a total carat weight of 5, also set in platinum. The rings do not perfectly match in cut or size, however the matching platinum setting makes for a beautiful pairing and seems symbolic of the couple’s ability to remain authentic to their individuality while also declaring themselves a great match. “Ali and I really wanted to align ourselves with people and brands that spoke to our soul and were really nonconforming and understood the same vision we were going for,” Ashlyn told Vogue. 
Lab-grown diamonds are molecularly identical to natural, mined diamonds without the destructive force of mining or murky ethics. All of our diamonds undergo rigorous inspection, optimizing for cut, color and clarity and are completely flawless to the naked eye. “[Great Heights] share the same vision and support surrounding equality and LGBTQ marriage rights.” Our team at Great Heights believes that love is love and our rings are made for every love story, and for this reason Ali and Ashlyn felt comfortable and excited to trust us to create their dream wedding rings.   
‘Krashlyn’ are not the only soccer stars who entrusted our team with their wedding rings. We also collaborated with soccer star Allie Long after her original engagement ring was stolen from her hotel room during the 2019 ESPY awards. Allie Long told PEOPLE, “Great Heights is ethical and environmentally-friendly. They’re really passionate about changing the way people view diamonds so I was like ‘100 yes – let’s do this’.” Long’s new ring is a gorgeous emerald-cut ring with trapezoid side stones. 
Our designers were thrilled to create custom rings for the soccer stars to exchange on their special day that symbolize Ali and Ashlyn’s ethical beliefs and core values as independent women in love, and we are excited for them to enjoy as the rings sparkle in the foreground of all their future selfies.