How to Tell A Bride No One Likes The Bridesmaids Dresses

We’ve all been there. You’re standing in a hot, crowded, fluorescent-lit room while Bridezilla (aka your best girlfriend) hands you yet another shiny satin pastel dress to try on.

As you try to squeeze into the cheap fabric that wouldn’t even look good on Gweneth Paltrow, you think to yourself this HAS to stop, but politely smile and say “well, I like this one better than the last 3.” The 5 other maids look at you with a fake smile, bite their lip and begrudgingly agree.  This begs the question, HOW do you tell the bride no one likes the bridesmaid dresses... 


If you’re still in the shopping phase, there are ways to politely suggest a new creative direction, but tread lightly you’re in the lion’s den and the lion loves the dress. 

You may say something like, “I like this one but the shiny fabric really isn’t that flattering in photos”... dangle the olive branch and see what happens. Or politely suggest something fashion-forward along the lines of, “did you know deep Cabernet matte color is really IN this fall” and show a picture. You may also say, “this dress is nice but we can’t possibly decide until we check out ______ (insert fashionable store here) and see what they have to offer.” 

Perhaps this friend really does value your fashion advice and she takes you up on one of these ideas. However, if you get shot down by the lion (who by the way has been picturing the wedding photos in her head for the last 14 months or even 14 years) you may not get a second chance. So keep that in mind.


If you’re past the shopping phase and/or you sense that your BFF bride is really super keen on the shiny pastel dress - well friends, this is the time where you humbly step aside and let queen bee live out her lilac dream. And here’s why. Because, as much as you’d like to give great and valid fashion advice, the truth is, it’s her day. And we need to embrace her day and all the annoying nuances that come with it. Even if that means getting to make fun of her for the next 20 years to come.


If you end up looking like Katherine Heigl in 27 dresses in your pastel caftan, there are still a few things you can do. For one, if the dress is slightly unflattering (as many are) think about your angles in the photos. Feel free to turn to the side a bit or stand in the back row vs the front (you'll thank me later.) Or, perhaps there’s a shawl or some great earrings that distract from the dress. Lastly, if you don’t love the dress, we say go with simple hair and makeup vs a crazy smoky eye or the up-do...that way you still look like yourself from the neck up. Lastly know that by checking your opinions at the door you’re being a good friend. And payback is a bitch when it’s your turn.