Diamond Studs

The most perfect gift for every occasion

There is nothing more timeless, classic and ever-chic than diamond studs; a staple in your eternal wardrobe. The luminous sparkle of diamond studs has a way of effortlessly brightening and transforming your face. 

Diamond studs have been in style since as early as the 16th century and have continued to maintain popularity among both women and men year after year, century after century – just try finding a picture of Kris Jenner without her beloved diamond studs in her ears, rare if ever.  

The Perfect Accessory

The best part about diamond studs is that they are always appropriate, and always coveted. Morning, noon, night, wherever, whenever – they just always work, and that is why they make THE perfect gift for any occasion. They are also a perfect fit for someone who is looking for a piece of jewelry that is subtle yet doesn’t go unnoticed. Diamond studs have a weird way of working for everyone. They blend in while standing out, and they are the loophole of gift ideas.

The Perfect Gift

Think about it. Were you racking your brain for a gift idea for your significant other for Valentine’s Day? Diamond studs. Looking for a special gift for your mom on Mother’s Day? Struggling to think of a gift idea for a friend or family member’s birthday? No idea what to get your sister for the holidays? Decided to treat yourself (as we all should)? Two words: Diamond. Studs. You will no doubt see eyes brighten and sparkle to match with your gift if you decide to purchase a pair of diamond earrings for someone – you simply cannot go wrong with this absolutely perfect gift idea. Like Rachel from Friends would say ‘stick to the list!’ and we can pretty much promise you that diamond studs are on everyone’s list. Female, male, young, old – diamond studs make for the most versatile and universally appreciated gift idea ever.

How to Shop

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair of diamond studs, it is important to do some research and decide what exactly you are looking for. There are many components to consider including the size, style, and metal color preference. Once you have that figured out, we make things really simple for you.  That’s right, we don’t only do rings! Great Heights offers the easiest, completely customizable process possible for purchasing your newest pair of diamonds.

Our Studs

We offer both 3 and 4 prong earring backs with round-cut diamonds that come in both white and yellow gold. From there, you simply choose the carat size, add them to your cart, and have them in your possession in the next few weeks. It is truly that simple.

When deciding between white and yellow gold, the vast majority of people do go for the white gold metal, however there is something really cool and unique about the yellow gold metal casing as well. If you are struggling to decide for a friend or family member, think about whether they have any earrings in their ears currently, or if they typically enjoy wearing yellow gold or white gold jewelry. If you cannot figure it out, either option is safe, but the more popular option would have to be the white gold.  

You may find yourself fishing through our diamonds, envying your friend’s lab-created diamond engagement ring, or you just decided you were ready to start wearing real jewelry. Lab grown diamonds are chemically and optically identical to land-mined diamonds, but they can be 40% less expensive and therefore can make for a much more affordable luxury gift. All of our diamonds are lab grown and are therefore created with an environmentally conscious and conflict-free process that gives everyone pure peace of mind. The only difference between our diamonds and mined diamonds is the origin. Every Great Heights diamond is lab-grown using a craft that entirely mirrors the natural growing process, making them molecularly identical without the destructive force of mining or murky ethics.

We want you to feel carefree and fabulous in your brand new diamond studs, and our diamonds allow for a crystal clear conscience to match with your sparkly new earrings.