2020 Engagement Ring Trends

Here are the engagement ring trends we’re already seeing in 2020

Out with the old, in with the new! This saying can be applied to pretty much anything, but what does this mean when referring to engagement ring trends you ask? Let’s explore.

2019 Trends

It’s only early April, and we’re already seeing a shift in engagement ring trends that were popular in 2019 but not top of list for 2020, along with some trends that were just hitting and are here to stay. Influence from Instagram as well as celebrity engagements help fuel the fire behind the different rings we’re drawn to and in turn leads to a shift in consumer behavior when picking out ‘on-trend’ engagement rings.

Last year, we were seeing a number of different trends that are already subsiding. When looking back on 2019, there was a huge resurgence of pear-shaped diamonds, partially due to celebrity engagements such as Ariana Grande, Paris Hilton, and Cardi B – all of whom opted for pear-shaped engagement rings in 2019. They were likely looking for unique rings that also hold a lot of value, and with a large, pear-shaped diamond they accomplished just that (even though 2 of the 3 engagements did not make it past 2019, but we’ll just attribute that to an entirely separate celebrity trend). Another trend that was happening in 2019 were rose gold bands. People seemed to be looking for ways to make their rings unique and different, and playing around with the band color was another way to accomplish that.

Some Trends Are Here to Stay

Our favorite trend that made its way into 2019, and is continuing to gain popularity, is an environmentally-friendly approach to purchasing diamonds - AKA lab-grown diamonds! Sustainability and eco-friendly practices are two new trends entering into the fashion industry and will hopefully one day become the new norm. At the 2020 Oscars, stars were starting to come out in support of re-wearing vintage clothing to help inform viewers and fans that trends do come back around, and we should really think more about the process behind the way our clothing and jewelry is designed/created. Lab-grown diamonds are molecularly identical to land-grown diamonds minus the destructive force of mining the earth, making it a more environmentally conscious approach to purchasing diamonds. As we move further into 2020, we’re seeing this trend gain more and more popularity, and we are most definitely here to agree.

2020 Trends

When it comes to 2020 trends, and based on what we’ve been seeing so far, a few of the stand-out trends include vintage engagement rings, oval-shaped diamonds, yellow-gold bands, minimalist styles, stackable rings, and of course the continuance of lab-grown diamond popularity. We truly think that it’s no coincidence and MUST be pointed out that the majority of all of these new trends appears to be stemming from Hailey Bieber and her gorgeous, minimalist (extremely large) oval-shaped diamond on a gold band with her stackable wedding band to match. We whole-heartedly love this ring, and it is apparent that everyone else does too. We’ve also been seeing a lot of rings with multiple stones, also attributed to Em Rata and her stackable gold on gold ring situation. Her vintage yellow-gold wedding band complements her cluster stone engagement ring perfectly, and it’s no wonder that everyone wants to follow suit.

Rings for Your 2020 Engagement

When looking for a ring that you’ve seen before and wish to copy, it’s always incredibly helpful to be able to have a hand in the customization of your new ring. Great Heights offers a seamless, online customization process which allows you to easily mix and match the aspects of these different ring trends that you like and incorporate them into your very own dream ring. 

Vintage-looking, stackable rings are extremely popular at the moment, and a favorite of ours that encompasses both of these trends is our Tide Vintage Set. This looks awesome and on-trend with a yellow-gold band and an oval-shaped diamond. This set of rings stacks together to complement each other perfectly. 

Another trendy option that we love is our Chapter Classic ring with an oval-shaped diamond and a yellow-gold band. This ring is timeless, unique, and trendy all at the same time and would look effortlessly cool when stacked with a yellow-gold wedding band. 

When looking for a ring that is minimalist but also unique, you could go with our Delicate Solitaire ring. Due to its simplicity, you are easily able to mix it up by choosing a rose-gold band and an emerald-cut diamond. A simple center stone will always be in style, and the rose-gold band adds a flare of trendiness that you can play off of when matching it with the stackable eternity band.

Great Heights diamonds are lab-grown, easily customizable, and on-trend. You can find your perfect match on our easy-to-use website that makes the customization process extraordinarily seamless. As we move into 2020, more and more people are talking about eco-friendly and sustainable ways to purchase different products, and your engagement ring is no exception. If you like to be the trendsetter of your group then it’s time to get on board with lab-grown diamonds – a trend we’ll all be talking about for years to come!