5 Reasons To Buy A Lab Created Diamond

POST by The Great Heights Team

You have probably heard by now about the increasing trend of purchasing a lab created diamond instead of one that has been mined, and many millennials looking to buy a diamond for their significant other have been able to get a quality diamond at an affordable cost by doing so.

Of course, there are some who still remain skeptical of the idea of a diamond that was created in a lab, rather through one formed through a natural process that extends the course of billions of years. By gaining a better understanding of what a lab created diamond is and the benefits of purchasing one, however, you can make an informed decision as to whether or not it is right for you.

What is a Lab Created Diamond?

A lab created diamond is exactly what it sounds like - which is a real, authentic diamond that is formed through human interaction with laboratory equipment. Unlike diamond simulants - which might have noticeable differences than a diamond - a lab created diamond is just as real and contains the exact same properties as one that is formed through a natural process. A mined diamond comes about through the combination of extreme heat and pressure placed upon a carbon atom. Essentially, the pressure and heat lead to crystallization, and voila - a diamond begins to form.  

Lab created diamonds follow essentially the exact same process - although human effort and interaction speed up the process billions of years. The way lab created diamonds are formed is actually quite simple. A small piece of pre-existing diamond, which is known as a diamond seed, is placed into a growth chamber where incredibly hot gasses and extreme pressure exist. Slowly but surely, a diamond begins to form and is completely finished after approximately three months. The diamond is indistinguishable to the naked eye from those that are mined, and the differences can only be observed with the use of highly advanced technological equipment.

Benefits of a Lab Created Diamond

There are many benefits to choosing a lab created diamond over one that is mined or a diamond simulant. In the past, those who could not afford a mined diamond would have to settle for an alternative to diamonds - such as sapphire, emerald or ruby. With the development of reliable lab created diamonds that look, feel and have the same properties as mined ones, the days of settling for lower quality is over. Whether you are purchasing a ring for a future bride or spoiling yourself after a big promotion you have worked hard for, lab created diamonds can make for a great gift.

Save money

The fact of the matter is everyone loves diamonds - and how could they not. Diamonds are truly remarkable and purchasing one for another person is a great way to show them you care about them. The unfortunate reality, however, is that many who are in their twenties and thirties - which is the time a person is most likely to get married - cannot afford to purchase a mined diamond. Lab created diamonds are generally much more affordable, and it gives millennials a chance to buy a diamond that they or a loved one will cherish for a lifetime

Authentic and high quality

If you love diamonds because of their high-quality nature and astounding beauty, then you are going to love a lab created diamond just as much as one that has been mined. While the process is different and they may be referred to as two different names, both lab created diamonds and mined diamonds are essentially the same thing - only one is much less expensive than the other. Since they both have the same properties and are formed through the same process, the quality is the same as well - which means you should really enjoy the beauty and overall quality of a lab created diamond.

No mining is required

Let’s preface this benefit by saying there are many providers of mined diamonds that are ethical and humane. However, the term blood diamond, or conflict diamond, came about as some groups or nations would mine diamonds, sell them and use the profits to fund war efforts or corruption of some kind. While this form of mining is less prevalent, it, unfortunately, does still occur. For many, the idea of wearing a “blood diamond” is not worth it, and purchasing a lab created diamond that they know is conflict-free is a much better solution.

Environmentally friendly

Mining for diamonds can at times not be all that great for the environment. In a lot of instances, the process of retrieving naturally-occurring diamonds involves drilling deep into the earth and using a large number of fossil fuels in the process. In addition, it is not uncommon for hundreds of thousands of trees to be cut down to access a site where diamonds exist. Meanwhile, lab created diamonds pose no threat to the environment.

Know the diamond’s origin

Purchasing a lab created diamond helps ensure you are not wearing a diamond that was acquired and sold to support unethical intentions and efforts. Additionally, it can be good to just know where the diamond came from. When looking at your lab created a diamond, you are able to know the exact process it went through and have a clear understanding of how it was acquired. In other words, you know the backstory and know it is ethical and environmentally friendly - which is often not the case with mined diamonds.

When to Consider a Lab Created Diamond

Purchasing a lab created diamond can be something worth considering for just about any occasion, but perhaps the most common time to consider purchasing one would be when getting married. Do not let the cost of mined diamonds stop you from getting what you truly want for your significant other, and instead consider purchasing a lab created diamond at a much lower cost and the same quality. A diamond is certain to last a lifetime and is an incredibly meaningful gift, so it is important to consider how you or your loved one will feel about the gift long-term. If you are on a budget and want to remain in a good financial position while still getting the diamond of your dreams, then consider purchasing a lab created diamond.

The Bottom Line

Everyone deserves to feel happy during the special moments of their life - which might include their wedding day, special anniversary or overcoming an obstacle they faced in their life. In addition, it just feels good to do something truly special for someone you love - such as purchasing them a diamond.

Due to the advancement in technology that has to lead to the ability to create real, authentic diamonds inside of a lab, you can now get a diamond at a much more affordable cost. Regardless of the exact purpose for the diamond, it is always important to weigh the pros and cons of a mined diamond and one that was created inside of a lab. The right decision is usually the one you feel most comfortable with, and it is often important to consider the price to a degree as well as the ethical ramifications, in which case lab created diamonds may make for an overall more appealing option.