Do Couples Still Wear Promise Rings in 2020?

Remember when you were in elementary school and you used to make your friends promise and swear to keep your secrets? Then you’d stick out your pinky finger and pinky promise to be best friends forever and ever and never share each other’s secrets?

Initially, I felt like the Promise Ring was the escalated adult version of that. It is hard to say whether Promise Rings hold the weight they used to, or if they truly ever were eternally binding, but I am open-minded and have been able to delve into the history of the Promise Ring, where the concept comes from and the meaning(s) behind the exchange.

The History of Promise Rings

Promise Rings date way back to ancient Rome, otherwise known at the time as a betrothal ring, where laws were set in place for couples to push back their marriage announcements for a certain period of time, and women would wear the ring as a token of promise to their future partners. In 16th-century England, Posy Rings were exchanged between couples and contained engravings of romantic poems or gemstones that were meant to symbolize loyalty and fidelity. Since then, the intentions behind the Promise Ring have remained pretty similar in that they are meant to be worn between couples who are not yet married but want to find a way to portray their commitment to one another. A sweet sentiment, yes, but relevant in 2020? Maybe?

What Does a Promise Ring Mean?

A Promise Ring could mean a number of different things depending on what you make of it and what you believe it is meant to stand for. They are now meant to symbolize monogamy, pre-engagement, and sometimes simply the promise of a lifelong friendship (in my generation otherwise known as ‘friendship bracelets,’ which I’ll admit used to feel quite official).

Promise Rings Today

This brings us back to whether Promise Rings fit into 2020. After opening my mind, I actually do think that as long as you and your partner are set on the meaning behind your Promise Rings, then there is no harm in adding a layer to your relationship that symbolizes something meaningful to the both of you. As long as both parties are aware that the ring exchange is happening, then I am more than ok with that. Think about how absolutely tragic it would be if your significant other presented you with a ring without having a conversation about it first, and then the words “promise ring” comes out of their mouth instead of “will you marry me?” Absolutely. Tragic. However, if a conversation was initiated by your significant other stating that they want to symbolize their love and commitment to you in a way that means something, then that can be flattering and romantic.

The last known version of a Promise Ring in my memory has to be that moment in Sex and the City where Richard presents Samantha with an enormous yellow-gold diamond ring that, to them, symbolized Richard’s commitment to a monogamous relationship with Samantha.  Maybe there was a potential resurgence of Promise Rings in the early 2000s that remains undocumented, however in more recent years in the series, Carrie simply asked for a ‘really big closet’ instead of a diamond from Mr. Big when they decided to get married.

I think the answer is that in 2020 everything is what you make of it. If you want the expected big ring and the big wedding, then great, but if you don’t want the big wedding and the legal documents, and if Promise Rings are enough to make you happy, then also great! It is all just about being on the same page as the person you are in it with, and as long as you share the same beliefs, or are open minded about each other’s beliefs, then that is really all that matters.

Promise Rings from Great Heights

With the popularity of lab-grown diamonds increasing, and with more modern ring styles surfacing, now is a good time for Promise Rings, or Promise Jewelry, to make its comeback. Some options that I love for this purpose are some of our more modern rings, which includes our Helix Modern ring in yellow gold, our Arc Channel Modern band in 14K white gold, our Bold Lattice Modern ring in rose gold, the Bold Lotus Halo ring in white gold or platinum, and even the three prong diamond earrings in white gold. If you weren’t privy to Promise Rings and their meaning before, and you are now aware of their meaning and see the intrigue, then we have an incredible list of options so you and your partner can find something unique that works for you. I truly believe that everything goes in 2020, and if your Promise Rings are your prerogative, then I am in full support!