How To Make Your Proposal Unforgettable

POST by Great Heights Team

This is a moment your partner will never forget. We've got some ideas to help make sure it's the perfect proposal for both of you.

Planning a wedding has always been a lot of work, but planning a proposal is not quite as easy as it used to be! With proper guidance, however, pulling off a special proposal is achievable for anyone. Deciding how to go about asking “the” question may seem overwhelming, but needn’t be. With a little brainstorming and planning, you can make this important moment unforgettable.The key ingredients are to make it personal and to enlist the help of friends or family, when needed, to ensure both you and your future fiancé are ready for the proposal.

Proposals Based On Your Personalities

Are you the romantic type? Do you and your significant other love music? One idea is to write a proposal song and sing it to her or him in one of your favorite places. If you don’t want to write it or sing it yourself, you can always pay a singer-songwriter to write and record it for you. To find a local singer-songwriter you could check with your local NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International), or other nearby songwriter groups. Simply provide them personal information and they do the rest!

If you are movie buffs, an inexpensive idea is to set the mood by watching a romantic movie that contains a marriage proposal. There are several great options including “The Notebook,” “He’s Just Not That Into You,” “Runaway Bride,” “Moonstruck,” “Sweet Home Alabama,” and “Pride and Prejudice.”  You could propose after the movie proposal takes place or wait until your partner discovers the ring box that you’ve hidden at the bottom of a large bucket of popcorn!

Is the love of your life a Type “A” person? Someone who takes organization to a new plane? Someone who has been planning their future wedding since they were ten? A good suggestion for this type would be to do your homework and find out exactly what those plans are! Talk to friends and family for ideas and check to see if they have a wedding Pinterest board where you are sure to discover just their perfect style of ring and the right setting to ask the big question.

Personality is important to personalization, but, reflecting on your shared interests is another way to come up with a great proposal idea.

Fun and Interactive Proposal Ideas

Do you and your partner revel in outdoor adventures? Do you both like to play games? You could integrate these activities with your own personal geocaching! The two of you could head out on a pre-planned route (set up by you, of course!), using clues to guide you to the last cache, which, naturally, would contain your proposal message. Just make sure you remember where that last cache is!

If you enjoy kayaking, you could anchor a water-tight container that you “just happen” to discover while out on the water. Inside the container would be your written marriage proposal. Or, head out on a hike where the two of you discover messages on trees that lead you to a picnic lunch that a friend has set up for you, where you would pop the question, along with the bubbly!

Another game idea is to host a game night with family and/or close friends. Plan a few rounds of charades, where the phrase to guess in your last turn is something like “Would you consider going the distance?” or “Let’s take this to the next level!” The proposal would have to be something you could act out, but you would have time to plan it ahead of time.

Are you sports fans? How about a round of golf where you switch out your partner’s ball at the last tee. When he or she picks it up from the hole, a bold proposal message would stand out against the white ball. Friends and family could be waiting to join you for a congratulatory toast at the clubhouse.

Once you start mulling over your hobbies and passions, coming up with a proposal concept should be fairly straightforward. Now, how do you ensure that your big moment is unforgettable?

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Enlisting the help of family and/or friends could save you a lot of aggravation when devising your plan. Your future fiance could have tons of ideas that he or she has shared with someone close to them. Like the type “A” personality mentioned earlier, your partner might have already picked out an engagement ring that they adore, or have a romantic vision about how and where they would like this moment to go down. Conversely, they might have a way in which they definitely would never want to be proposed to. Some of us are more camera shy than others, for example, so proposing on a big screen at a baseball game may not go over very well. Talk to close friends or family to ensure that your significant other swoons when you pop the question, not walk out on you!

Another reason to talk to someone close to your significant other is to find out if they are even  ready for a proposal. He or she may have spoken to someone about being in love, but not quite ready to be engaged. Save yourself the embarrassment of asking someone too soon.

Finally, others can help get things ready for the big moment, for example, helping you set up your geocaching coarse! Friends could distract your future fiance by inviting her for a night out, when, in fact, she would be driven to the beach, where you have laid out a dinner under the stars, complete with candles and a musician to serenade the two of you (or sing that proposal song that you had created especially for that night!).

A family member could  arrange for your sweetheart to be ready for the event: having her nails done, or making sure he has showered and changed into something decent! Having help can ensure that you don’t spring a surprise on someone who is not themselves ready for such a momentous occasion.

So, now you’re prepared for an unforgettable experience. You’ve made the considerable decision to ask someone to be your forever partner, you’ve established a unique plan to make your proposal personal, and you’ve enlisted others to help guarantee a smooth outcome. Now, go ask the love of your life to marry you!