Simple Engagement Rings

For the brides who join us in believing there is beauty in simplicity

For reasons that make a lot of sense when you think about it, the minimalist/low-key bride does not get the attention they rightfully deserve in this world. Reason being – the simple bride typically doesn’t want the attention!

However, our cool, low-key brides-to-be deserve to know that there are so many other women out there who feel similarly about keeping things simple in the bridal department. There is something to be said about a simple engagement ring, which can be arguably chicer than a big, chunky rock or rings that have a lot going on.

Keep It Low-Key

Although there is nothing wrong with wanting a large/intricately-designed engagement ring, there is truly something so beautiful and significant about a simple ring. Engagement rings are meant to be worn on a daily basis for the rest of your life, so what sense would it make to have a ring that doesn’t match your aesthetic? If you are a more subtle, simple girl, then you shouldn’t feel weird about sporting a ring that matches those qualities. You also don’t want to look back in 20 years and think to yourself ‘what was I thinking’? Simple rings are timeless, and if you know this about yourself/your partner then there are so many special options for you to choose from.

What is ‘Simple’?

Before diving into some of our favorite simple rings, it may make sense to define what ‘simple’ actually means when it comes to engagement rings. Simplicity can be attributed to the diamond shape and size, the ring style, the process of purchasing the ring, and the type of diamond you decide to buy. Our lab-grown diamonds serve as a great option for brides who like simple, because not only are our diamonds ethically created, but we also offer free shipping and 100-day returns, as low as 0% APR financing, free resizing, and our rings are customizable according to your taste. We make a process that can be so overwhelming and difficult very easy and seamless.

Take Your Pick

For a classic, Mila Kunis-chic, elegant option, a favorite classic of ours has to be our Delicate Solitaire ring with a round-shaped center stone set in white gold. The classic setting features a slim band that is designed to delicately support the center stone while showing off its sparkly brilliance.

Another option that maintains the same simplicity is our Classic Simple Solitaire ring, which merely switches out the round-cut center stone with a princess-cut diamond that looks gorgeous when set in either white or yellow gold. The band’s simplicity features a perfect frame for this classically beautiful shaped stone.

Simple can also mean vintage or old-school, and our Arc Solitaire ring is a more modern take on a vintage ring style. This ring features a contoured band that curves delicately around the round-cut center stone and looks beautiful when set in white, yellow, or rose gold.

A favorite when it comes to simple rings has to be our Sky Solitaire ring featuring a round-cut diamond and a white gold band. This classic setting features a tapered band that is designed to delicately hug the center stone while giving off a minimalistic, chic, and timeless look.

Elegant and simple, our Bold Tapered Solitaire engagement ring featuring a round-cut diamond and a yellow gold band is a perfect fit for a simple bride seeking a slightly thicker band to hug the center stone. This ring in particular has the ability to accentuate a smaller stone without swallowing it up, while also being able to beautifully frame a larger carat diamond as well.

For a simple ring with pretty detailing, our Delicate Knife Edge Solitaire ring is a must. This romantic cathedral setting features scroll detailing and a tapered band that arches upward to gracefully frame a round-cut diamond center stone. This ring looks super chic if you’re into a yellow gold setting.

Our Bold Knife Edge Solitaire ring has a way of being both striking and simple. We love this with a 2-carat round-cut center stone set in white gold.

Another bold, simple and really cool ring is our Bold Cathedral Solitaire ring featuring a bold band that is designed to delicately support the round-cut center stone. This sparkler is really cool in white, yellow, and even rose gold.

Although we have a plethora of gorgeous and timeless options for women seeking simplicity, we find that once you narrow it down to color, shape, and size, it is easy to decide what ring fits you best. Leonardo da Vinci once said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” and we concur.