Unique Engagement Rings to Match You!

The biggest decision next to deciding to spend your entire life with your significant other, is deciding on the diamond ring to seal the deal with.

Engagement rings are meant to be worn every day and therefore go with everything, but there is also something to be said about a unique engagement ring that matches your personal style/taste, which will in turn also go with your everyday wardrobe. Obviously we love a traditional engagement ring, however, if you’re not a traditional girl, it only makes sense to choose an untraditional ring!
Everyone’s definition of unique might be a little different, but when it comes to engagement rings there are various components that make up the ring and have been done and seen a million times over, and then there are rings you see once in a while that have some nuanced elements that you may not see all the time. It is not a bad thing to like traditional, simple engagement rings – there is a reason specific styles are so popular, however, there are so many elements that make up a ring where you can play around and change it up to be unique.
Some of the elements may include the shape of the ring, the style of the setting, the color of metal for the band, and the kind of diamond you choose. What we mean by ‘kind of diamond’ is that you can either choose a land-mined diamond that has historically been the only option, or you now have the option to purchase a lab-created diamond that serves as both an environmentally-conscious option as well as a more unique option. All of our lab-grown diamonds use a craft that mirrors the natural growing process and is identical to mined diamonds.
A lot of couples may be looking for that traditional ring, however, there is also a huge trend to stand out. A unique engagement ring can go several routes – vintage and old-world or futuristic and modern. We have some awesome options that can help you stand out, or simply add to your unique style. Check ‘em out!
If you’re looking to change up the shape, we love our ‘Lily Vintage’ ring, in a yellow gold metal band. The diamonds alternating in size around the halo lend a timeless and romantic feel to this lovely and unique design.
Another vintage, unique take on a traditional 2-carat oval diamond ring can be seen with our ‘Willow Vintage’ ring set in white gold or platinum. The curving milgrain lined rows of diamonds, organic scrolls, and hidden diamonds on the gallery gives off a nuanced look on an extremely intricate band.
A unique twist on an otherwise traditional diamond ring is seen with our ‘Shared Prong Classic’ ring with a radiant-cut diamond set in white gold. The shared prong setting creates a striking impact on this bold and simultaneously timeless design.
A really gorgeous option that’s really different is the ‘Woven Halo’ brilliant-cut ring set in white gold. If you’re looking for trendy, the halo is something that is really popular yet also unique. The modern setting of this ring features an interwoven band with a halo of diamonds encircling the center circle stone. Diamonds encircling diamonds…I mean, what more could a girl want?!
While we’re obsessing over halos, another non-traditional take on a round diamond stone is our ‘Wreath Halo’ ring that can be set in both yellow and white gold, like a chocolate-vanilla swirl (doesn’t your mind always go straight to ice cream too?!). This modern setting features open bands of diamonds wrapping around the center stone, giving off a bold look within an organic design.
If you’re going for more of a modern take on an untraditional ring, our ‘Arc Modern’ ring looks beautiful in both white gold and yellow gold. This modern design features double rows of curving diamond bands that wrap around to lightly hug the center stone. Simply put – elegant and different.
A similar take on this modern design is our ‘Ivy Modern’ ring, which is also gorgeous when set in either white or yellow gold. The classic setting features four diamond-studded leaves along a subtly curved band, adding delicate detail to an otherwise timeless design.
Last, but far from least, is our ‘Arc Solitaire’ ring with an oval-cut diamond set in white gold. This modern take on a vintage style features a contoured band that delicately curves around to hug the center stone. Simple, yet nuanced.