Bride Regrets from their Wedding

What you can learn from your dear friends’ mistakes

Most people go into their wedding day excited, prepared and with a side of natural nervous jitters. For the most part, a wedding can be the happiest day of your life, but getting everything ‘right’ in front of a large group of people who have you under a microscope can be intense.

Like all things, hindsight is 2020. So we asked a few brides, looking back on their big day, what are some of their regrets - in hopes of helping others avoid similar mistakes. Luckily no one answered the groom on that list.

Rained on my wedding day parade Linglestown, PA

We planned the perfect wedding, in the perfect town, in the perfect ‘DRY’ season. Our wedding was partially tented but we didn’t really have a contingency plan because we were sure (based on findings from the last 10 years) that it wouldn’t rain. Well, it didn’t rain, it was a monsoon. And the partial tent did no real justice because there was also wind, blowing the rain into the tent. You can probably imagine, people slipping on the dance floor, the mud tracked in from the bathroom and the very unsettled bride who decided to chug tequila (eek me). In hindsight, if planning an outdoor wedding def have a real contingency plan!”

Wedding Cake Dresses, Athens, GA

At the time, princess dresses were in style so I went for it. Not only did I have a dress like Cinderella for my wedding gown, but my bridesmaids were also in poofy dresses. Looking back at pictures, I feel like we all look like wedding cakes. The memories make me laugh now, but I do somewhat wish we played it a bit more simple with the gowns. Advice: when in doubt go a little more simple.”

Wedding Speeches Gone Wrong, Durham, NC

Our wedding was amazing, well mostly. Except when it came time for the speeches. Basically we made the mistake of doing them a bit too late in the night...after people had too many cocktails. We had planned for 4 speeches total and asked them to be quick. This somehow turned into 5, five-minute roasts (one impromptu speaker.) It wasn’t awful but definitely not what I had in mind. We laughed it off and the video is priceless. However, if I could do it over..I’d plan only 2 speeches very early in the night.”

Make-up Tear Jerker, Mistic, CT

I had just had my hair and makeup finished. I felt on top of the world. It was perfect. Then, right before pictures start, my wedding planner brings in a ‘gift from the groom.’ So thoughtful but SUCH bad timing. The note he wrote was a real sweet tear-jerker and the gift was a family heirloom from his mom who had recently passed away. HOW do you expect me not to cry?! Waterworks ensue, makeup basically ruined but patched back together by my makeup artist (thank you!). In the end, I was only 10 minutes late to pictures and I still cherish the beloved heirloom. However, timing is everything and my wedding planner should have realized that!”

Don’t Forget To Be Present, Louisville, KY

My wedding day was so special and picturesque...for my guests. Thank goodness for the video and pictures because I barely remember the day! I was so worried about the timing of the meal, the rainy forecast, the band not playing the songs I asked...that I forgot to be in the moment. My advice to all brides and grooms on the day put the details aside and really be present. It’s a conscious choice but an important one.”

Thanks to our brides for the real life advice on what NOT to do on your wedding day. Send any other regrets to: [email protected]