Cushion Engagement Rings

Cushion engagement rings are timeless, brilliant and versatile. They remain a popular engagement ring choice for couples who want a vintage feel as well as those seeking a sleek, modern look.

Cushion Captures the Light

The cushion engagement ring originated in the early 19th century and was designed based on a style dating back 200 years referred to as the “mine cut” diamond. Old mine cut stones featured large facets and rounded corners, since all cutting was done by hand, and was designed to catch candlelight. Building on this classic style, a cushion diamond is typically a square shape with large facets intended to maximize the diamond’s brilliance paired with soft, rounded corners that gently resembles a pillow or cushion. A cushion-shaped engagement ring is sought after for its enduring beauty, fire and sophistication.

Shape vs. Cut: What’s the Difference?

A diamond’s shape and cut describe two different features.

Shape refers to a diamond’s literal form, like a circle, square or rectangle. A round shape is most popular, but many couples are drawn to a “fancy shaped” stone, like cushion, emerald, oval, or princess diamonds, that can provide a more distinctive look. A diamond’s shape is often where a couple starts when looking for an engagement ring.

Cut is used to describe how it reflects light. Cut directly impacts a stone’s sparkle and brilliance. Cut (not shape) is part of the 4 C’s – cut, color, clarity, and carat – that are used to assign a diamond its value.

It’s important to note that the proper way to refer to a cushion engagement ring is ‘cushion-shaped’, not ‘cushion-cut’.

Cushion vs Princess Engagement Rings

Cushion and princess diamonds both have a square, or essentially square, shape. The round, soft edges of a cushion diamond portray a romantic feel. With an elegant look that has been around for centuries, engagement rings with cushion diamonds are graceful and eternal. In contrast, princess diamonds are geometric and have more exact, contemporary lines. Both cushion and princess diamonds are beautiful with their own unique characteristics. 

Cushion vs Emerald Engagement Rings

While cushion diamonds are traditionally square, some can be a bit more rectangular. Couples looking for an elongated shape often consider emerald-shaped stones along with cushion diamonds. In contrast to a cushion’s brilliant cut that’s meant to capture as much light as possible, emerald-shaped diamonds are known for their precise, clear silhouette. The step-cut design accentuates an emerald diamond’s clarity, beauty and luster. It’s more important to get a diamond that is flawless or essentially flawless when considering an emerald engagement ring. A cushion diamond, optimized for cut, can be more forgiving when considering clarity.

Our Cushion Engagement Rings

Cushion engagement rings are always in demand for their elegant ease. Popular with our halo or vintage collections, paired with side stones or alone as a solitaire, a cushion diamond is always an opulent choice. Our expansive collection of cushion diamonds has settings and metal options that are sure to capture your romance and fit your budget.

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Celebrities With Cushion Engagement Rings

Cushion engagement rings have long been a favorite choice for many celebrities. Here are a few of our favorites.

Priyanka Chopra – Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra celebrated with wedding several times in wildly different ceremonies all over the world. Her stunning cushion diamond was the one element that remained the same. Jonas reportedly closed an entire Tiffany & Co. store to pick out the ring.

Bar Refaeli – With its ultra-thin, yellow gold pave band, Bar Refaeli’s simple cushion solitaire diamond is as beautiful as the Israeli supermodel. Rafaeli has been married to Adi Ezra since 2015.

Misty Copeland – After dating for 10 years, Olu Evans, a New York attorney, proposed to ballet superstar Misty Copeland with a cushion diamond that’s wrapped in a halo setting.

Jessica Biel – Justin Timberlake picked a beautiful antique engagement ring for his wife Jessica Biel. The substantial cushion engagement ring is set in blackened platinum, surrounded by a double diamond halo and flanked by two pale blue gemstones.

Sofia Vergara – A gift from Joe Manganiello in 2015, Sofia Vergara can be seen with her gorgeous 7-carat cushion engagement ring that features an elegant micro-pave halo setting.