Halo Engagement Rings

A “halo” is defined as white or colored light that encircles any luminous body, like the moon or the sun. Halos are also equated with the words radiate and aura. In the language of diamond engagement rings, a halo can be described in a way similar to it’s astronomical definition. A diamond ring’s halo is made up of white or colored round pave or micro pave diamonds (the “lights”) that surround the center diamond (a luminous body). Perhaps one of the reasons we are so drawn to diamonds is that they remind us so much of the dazzling shapes seen overhead in our expansive sky. Diamonds sparkle like stars; radiate like the sun; and can be surrounded by halos, just as our moon can be encircled by a shining aura. 

Great Heights' Selection of Halo Engagement Rings

Diamond halos add an extra special something to our already special center diamonds, making this style of engagement ring both dazzling and popular. A halo of diamonds can surround many of the Great Heights center diamond shapes. Halos can make center diamonds appear much larger and add sparkle to your engagement ring from any angle. Our collection of Halo settings pair beautifully with our exceptional assortment of exquisite lab-grown diamond gemstones. 

Great Heights can help you create a Halo ring that you will be proud to wear, not only for its aesthetics, but for its ethical appeal, as well. You may already know what style Halo engagement ring you want to own or you may need to spend some time looking through our extensive selection of Halo settings. Either way, you are sure to find the dazzling diamond that easily compliments your chosen Halo setting, that fits both your budget and your unique sense of style. Have fun designing your Halo engagement ring with our simple, straightforward online Ring Builder tool.

Buying a Halo Engagement Ring

What’s Your Style? If you think you already know exactly what type of Halo engagement ring is right for you-great! If not, you’ll want to consider what style of Halo setting and what shape of center stone appeals to you. Do you prefer simple, solitaire rings or are you drawn to the more ornate, embellished styles? Single or double bands? Smooth or pave bands? Do you lean toward a rounder-shaped diamond, like an oval or pear, or are you attracted to geometric silhouettes, like a cushion or emerald? Understanding what you like is key to picking out the perfect ring. Still not sure or are perhaps now considering styles and shapes you hadn’t thought of? Luckily, our online Ring Builder feature makes it easy to try out a multitude of Halo settings, then pair them with any of a variety of diamond shapes that we offer. With our sophisticated, yet simple online tools, we can help you create the ring of your dreams! Let’s first look at what elements make up an engagement ring so you can personalize your own ring with ease.

Choosing the Setting - Diamond engagement rings are made up of two main elements: the setting and the center diamond that sits within the setting. The setting of your ring includes all components of the ring, except the center diamond. Settings are made up of the band, or bands, plus any smaller diamonds that may be set in the band, called the pave effect. Settings include all diamonds that surround (halo) or flank the center diamond, as well as the prongs which fasten the diamond in place. By using our effortless online Ring Builder feature you might decide on a double pave Halo setting with double pave bands in rose gold. Or you could pick out a single Halo setting in a smooth platinum band for a cleaner look. The best part is you get to take your time and compare our ample selection of Halo settings while snuggled up on your couch! After you’ve selected the Halo setting that you love, it’s time to match it with one of our fabulous ethically-grown diamond gemstones.

Choosing the Diamond - Now that you’ve taken the time to find your Halo setting, it’s time to decide which shape and size of diamond that you want to place in it to complete your engagement ring! Great Heights offers various diamond shapes, including cushion, princess, and round. And the wonderful thing about the Halo setting is that many diamond shapes can be surrounded by scintillating pave or micro pave diamonds to achieve a halo effect. You could choose a round-shaped center diamond and surround it with a round halo, or get creative and encircle it with a flower-shaped halo. Even geometric-shaped center diamonds, like princesses and cushions, are easily bordered by smaller diamonds. 

Not sure which shape will best suit your chosen Halo setting? Don’t worry, as you can have a lot of fun trying out each of our diamond shapes, one at a time, with your chosen setting by using our convenient online Ring Builder feature. You can even try out a different band color than the one you initially chose to further enhance any diamond/setting pairing you are scrutinizing. Not sure about what size diamond to pair with your Halo setting? Try choosing the size of diamond that looks best to you, then check the price of the ring: you can always go back and change the diamond size, if need be. The beauty of designing your own ring is you have the ability to work with an assortment of diamonds and diamond settings and to do so within your budget. Did we mention that lab-grown diamonds from Great Heights are up to 40% less expensive than mined diamonds? Perhaps now you’ll want to go for that bigger diamond! Above all, have fun while you mix and match Halo settings with our ethically-grown diamonds.

*Note-If you are purchasing a ring for your significant other and want it to be a surprise, it’s best to determine what style ring your partner likes before designing one on your own. Look out for subtle hints they may drop, or talk to friends and family to find out if they have an idea of what style your partner prefers.

Celebrities Wearing Halo Engagement Rings

Because Halo settings are so popular, it’s no wonder many celebrities can be seen wearing Halo diamond engagement rings. Here are a few of the ones we’ve noticed:

Amy Adams - A platinum Halo-style ring graces the hand of this accomplished actress. Amy’s elegant ring was designed by her husband, Darren Le Gallo and jewelry designer Jean Dousette. Darren presented Amy with her delicate ring, which includes a round-shaped, Brilliant-cut center diamond, when he proposed.

Jenna Dewan - Dancer/actress Jenna was recently engaged to actor/singer Steve Kazzi. Steve reached out to jewelry designer Nikki Reed, who helped him design Jenna’s unique Halo engagement ring. Steve enhanced Jenna’s ring finger with a 3.5 carat oval-shaped diamond in a stunning pave Halo setting.

Olivia Wilde - Actress/producer/director Olivia was presented with an exquisite round-shaped diamond set in a halo of emeralds on a delicate rose gold band by partner Jason Sudeikis.

Ashley Tisdale - This actress/singer/producer received a stunning double halo, double pave platinum band engagement ring from her musician husband, Christopher French. Ashley’s ring features a 2-carat cushion-shaped diamond, surrounded by two pave halos, making her ring look quite impressive!

As you can see, there are many ways to create a diamond Halo setting, as well as several diamond shapes to pair with it to create the Halo engagement ring of your dreams.