Modern Engagement Rings

If you are a fashion forward bride-to-be, then a Modern style engagement ring is the best way to stay on trend. However, as with most swings in fashion, old is new again, so modern doesn’t necessarily mean a ‘never before seen’ creation. Updated versions of older styles definitely play a role in current Modern jewelry designs. There are several different engagement ring settings in vogue today and most of them we’ve seen before, but with a fresh twist. Solitaires are always pretty popular, but what’s new is the size, shape, and quality of the stone used. Colored diamonds, alone or with white diamonds, are making a comeback, especially with celebrities. Bold emerald cut diamonds are seen on more ring fingers, either in solitaire, three stone, or halo settings. Multi-stone, double and unusual-shaped bands are also in style.

Great Heights Selection of Modern Engagement Rings

Our diverse collection of Modern settings pair delightfully with our outstanding collection of exquisite lab-grown diamonds, helping you create the engagement ring that keeps you fashionably modern. We have open, arced, and double-row bands, as well as bands with braided and woven-looks in various widths. Any of these settings would compliment a bold emerald cut diamond or a sophisticated oval-shaped stone to achieve the modern style you crave. You may already know what modern engagement ring setting you are looking for or you may need to spend some time looking through our exceptional selection of modern styles. However you go about it, you are sure to find the diamond that easily compliments your chosen setting, fitting both your style and your budget. And you’ll have a great time designing your modern ring with the help of our easy to use online ring builder.

Buying a Modern Engagement Ring

What’s Your Modern? - You’re a fashion forward kinda gal, but have you thought about what style of modern engagement ring suits your taste? Do you like a clean, sophisticated look? Are you drawn to something more edgy? Or do you want to keep it a little traditional, but add your personal flair? Understanding what you like is key to picking out the perfect ring. Not sure? Luckily, our ring builder makes it easy to try out different settings with various diamond cuts and shapes to create the perfect modern engagement ring for you! Let’s break down what elements make up an engagement ring and figure out how to go about personalizing this very special gift for you or your loved one.

Choosing the Setting - All diamond engagement rings are made up of two components: the setting and the center diamond. The setting of a ring includes everything except the center diamond. At the bottom of the ring is the band (or bands) and any smaller diamonds that may be set into the band. Moving up is the basket or prongs that hold the diamond in place and meld it with the band. Finally, the setting includes all diamonds that surround (halo) or flank the center diamond. 

Using our easy to use online tools you might choose a bold, modern setting in platinum. Or you could go with a more embellished look, like a triple open pave setting in yellow gold, and pair it with an uncomplicated round-shaped stone. Many celebrities are wearing vintage-inspired styles, like Art Deco or Edwardian, making these older styles new again. The best part about shopping through our first-class Great Heights website is you can try out various settings from the comfort of your own home! Once you’ve chosen the modern engagement ring setting that you love, it’s time to match it with one of our fabulous lab-grown diamonds.

Choosing the Diamond - You may have picked your setting, but your choices don’t end there! Deciding on your center diamond is the next step to building the modern engagement ring of your dreams. If you are going for a chic, sophisticated style a large, high quality solitaire diamond is very on trend. Oversized emeralds, ovals, and pears are ideal choices to create the wow effect. *Design tip: a somewhat smaller diamond can appear larger when set against a slimmer band. Another hot trend is to use an unusual-shaped diamond, so the marquise shape can be seen gracing the rings of a few celebrities. And choosing colored diamonds, as either the center stone or as accents, is an updated way to personalize your engagement ring.  

If you don’t have an idea of what type of diamond you like, you can have a lot of fun trying out different shapes and cuts with your chosen setting, using our convenient online ring builder. Not sure what size diamond to buy? You might want to start with a medium weight, then check the overall price of the ring: you can always go back and change the diamond size, if need be. The beauty of designing your own ring is you have the ability to create with a variety of setting styles and stone shapes and to work within your budget. Did we mention that lab-grown diamonds from Great Heights are up to 40% less expensive than mined diamonds? Now, if budget is not a factor in creating your engagement ring, pull out all stops and go for the bling!

Celebrities Who Wear Modern Engagement Rings

Soo Joo Park - Top L’Oreal model, Soo Joo, was given a stunning modern solitaire engagement ring by photographer Jack Waterlot. Soo Joo sports a large emerald cut diamond on a multi-pave band setting.

Sophie Turner - This Game of Thrones actress received a sexy modern engagement ring, featuring a solitaire, double-banded pave setting, topped with a large, chic pear-shaped solitaire, by her musician fiance Joe Jonas.

Caroline Wozniake - When NBA star David Lee proposed to this beautiful, talented tennis player, he did so with a fashionable 8.8 carat oval solitaire on a smaller, decorative band.

Katy Perry - Actor Orlando Bloom went very modern with his engagement ring for singer Katy Perry. Katy wears a unique flower-shaped, yellow gold ring, whose large pink oval-shaped center stone is surrounded by eight round white diamond “petals.”

Using these celebrity engagement rings as inspiration, have fun as you look through the Great Heights selection of modern engagement ring settings and ethical lab-grown diamonds. Whichever modern style you choose, you’re sure to be fashion forward!