Oval Engagement Rings

Oval engagement rings are elegant, romantic and enduring. They’ve long been a popular choice for their classic beauty and as an opulent twist on a traditional, round stone.

Rounding the Edges

The oval is one of the oldest diamond shapes dating back to the early 1300’s. Bit by bit, jewelers would knock off the edges of the rough stone to create a more appealing shape. Rounded edges slowly appeared from blocky cuts and the oval style was born. Over time, the oval shape was refined to include additional facets that captured the diamond’s brilliance.

One of the most famous oval diamonds was the then-186 carat Koh-i-Noor stone, meaning “mountain of light.” It was passed between royal families finally coming to rest as part of the British Crown Jewels and remains set into Queen Alexandra’s coronation crown.

The oval diamond was essentially re-born in the late 1950’s when Russian-born Lazare Kaplan designed the modern oval engagement ring. Kaplan’s work added facets and angles similar to a round stone’s ideal cut to add fire and light to oval shape. With its mysterious origins and royal history, oval diamond engagement rings have the power to charm all who see and wear them.

Oval vs. Pear Engagement Rings

Both oval and pear diamonds are part of the ideal cut diamond family (along with round and princess cuts) which includes stones that have many facets to create a dance of light off the stone. Both oval and pear stones, unlike round ones, can give the scintillating illusion of a larger diamond. For the same carat weight, an oval shaped engagement ring covers more surface area so it can give substantially more bang for your budget. Oval engagement rings also create an elongation effect which gives the finger a longer, thinner appearance.

Oval Shape vs. Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Oval diamonds create rings that are distinctive, gracefully elegant and remarkable versatile. When shopping for an oval engagement ring that fits your style, it’s important to understand the difference between the stone’s shape and its cut.

Most simply, a diamond’s shape is the overall outline or form of the stone. A shape can be oval, round, cushion (square), emerald (rectangular) and so on. The cut is the detail given to make the stone sparkle. Cut includes the number of facets, angles and proportions that gives a diamond its fire, light and brilliance.

Oval diamond engagement rings are symmetrical in shape and can be larger than round stones of the same weight, color, clarity and cut. (Make sure you understand the 4C’s for any stone you choose.) That said, don’t just shop for the largest oval diamond you can afford. A poorly cut oval stone will have a bow-tie effect that pulls light into the center of the stone, instead of reflecting the light for optimal sparkle. Almost every oval (or pear) diamond has some element of this phenomenon. Talk with our diamond experts to make sure the shadow running through the center is as insignificant as possible.

Oval diamonds used in jewelry have a standard length-to-width ratio of 1.35-1.50. Longer stones will be bold and striking and shorter ovals often lovely and balletic. Typically, a more narrow diamond is used if accent stones are part of the oval engagement ring.

Our Oval Engagement Rings

Oval diamonds are romantic, delicate and always fashionable. Their elegant, feminine curves can stand alone as stunning solitaire or pair beautifully with side stones or adorned bands. The extended shape can be styled for either a vintage or modern feel and match beautifully with a simple halo band or custom stacked wedding ring. Our lab-created oval engagement rings come in a variety of carats matching perfectly with distinctive designs and different precious metal bands. Oval engagement rings are always a show-stopping choice.

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Celebrities with Oval Engagement Rings

Oval diamond engagement rings have unique personalities. It’s not surprising that oval diamonds have long been a choice of celebrities.

Hailey Baldwin Bieber – The model’s stunning, yet simply set 6+-carat oval engagement ring from singer Justin Bieber made its debut on the cover of Vogue Mexico in 2018 and hasn’t stopped turning heads since. Justin is reported to have picked the oval ring because of the way it gracefully accentuated  Hailey’s beautifully shaped hands.

Bindi Irwin – It’s nature inspired, full of sparkle, eco-friendly, and beautiful. Irwin’s stunning rose gold engagement ring from wakeboarder Chandler Powell features a lab-created oval diamond set on a twist pave band. The band is also made from recycled rose gold, a perfect complement to her conservation mindset.

Julianne Hough – With its delicate band, Julianne Hough’s 5-6 carat Lorraine Schwartz ring has all of the right moves. Hough has been married to NHL player Brooks Laich since 2017.

Caroline Wozniacki – This oval ring is a winner. Basketball player David Lee proposed to professional tennis player Caroline Wozniacki with an almost 9-carat oval diamond delicately set on a scalloped band. 

JoJo FletcherBachelorette’s JoJo said “yes” again when Jordan Rogers, her husband of three years, re-popped the question with a 5-carat oval ring with hidden halo on a simple gold band. Rogers said he wanted to ask her to marry him since they had known each other for years, not weeks.