Pear Engagement Rings

The pear shape is viewed as a symbol of affection in various cultures around the world, so it’s no surprise that this graceful diamond shape would be a good choice to use in an engagement ring. Similar to a raindrop, this unique design is rounded on one end, then tapers to a point at the other. There is no up or down direction with a pear engagement ring, as it can be worn with the point facing the fingers or the wrist. The stone can even be placed sideways for a truly distinctive design.The pear engagement ring exudes a magical sparkle that emanates from its 58-faceted brilliant cut diamond, making it an excellent option for popping the special question.

History of the Pear Engagement Ring

The pear-shaped diamond has been around for quite some time. Flemish diamond polisher, cutter, and jeweler, Lodewyk van Bercken, invented a polishing wheel called a scaife, that allowed him to cut facets into diamonds with speed and precision. Bercken also introduced the concept of using a facet layout that emphasized symmetry, paving the way for more intricate and interesting diamond cuts. The culmination of his efforts led to Bercken’s creation of the first pear-shaped diamond in 1475.

One of the world’s most famous pear-shaped diamonds was set into a ring by American jeweler, Harry Winston, in the late 1960s. It was eventually bought by actor Richard Burton for his famous wife, actress Elizabeth Taylor, in 1969. The 69-carat pear-shaped dazzler was too heavy for Taylor to wear as a ring, so she had Cartier design it into a stunning necklace.

Great Heights’ Selection of Pear Engagement Rings

The strong, yet delicate lines of the pear-shaped diamond allows it to pair well with many of our exquisite engagement ring settings. Are you a modern woman who is attracted to clean lines and bold designs? Great Heights offers contemporary settings that help the pear-shaped diamond stand out, whether as a solitaire, surrounded by a halo of tiny diamonds, or in a three-stone arrangement. One great example of a current pear engagement ring is our Helix Modern! If you are attracted to fashions from other periods in history, then perhaps one of our classic or vintage settings would enable you to create the romantic pear engagement ring that you’ve been dreaming of. The Crest Vintage from Great Heights is just one way to simulate the feel of a bygone era!

Our ring builder feature makes sorting through various settings and diamond combinations a breeze. But, the best part about creating your pear engagement ring with us, is knowing that you chose to follow your conscience with your purchase of our ethical diamonds.

Tips for Choosing Pear Engagement Rings

*Pear engagement rings tend to retain color, so it's recommended that you choose a stone rated H or higher on the color scale. As a reminder, the scale runs from D-Z, with D being colorless.

*Symmetry is an essential aspect of the pear-shaped diamond. There is no standard length-to-width ratio, but ideally, it should be 50% longer than it is wide. Additionally, it is recommended that there be perfect alignment between the point of the tapered end and the center of the rounded end. As well, the curves on each side of the stone should be identical.

*It’s been suggested that the pear is a perfect blend of the round and marquise diamonds, so using either of these stones are great options to use on either side of your center pear diamond in a three-stone setting.

*When picking out your pear engagement ring, one way to stick to your budget is with the clarity grade. Because the pear is a type of brilliant cut, inclusions can be hidden within the facets, so a clarity score of S1 or S2 is fine.

Celebrities Wearing Pear Engagement Rings

*Scarlett Johansson-This lovely actress, who is married to SNL’s Colin Jost, rocks a stunning modern pear engagement ring. Scarlett’s beautiful brown 11-carat pear diamond ring is quite the statement piece.

*Cardi B-Even though they had been secretly married for a little more than a month, rapper Offset publically proposed to fellow rapper Cardi B at a concert in late 2017. Cardi’s striking, romantic pear engagement ring is framed with an inner halo of white diamonds and an outer halo of pink pave stones. White diamonds flank either side of the enormous center stone. The total carat weight for Cardi’s amazing ring is 8 carats.

*Sophie Turner-Game of Thrones actress, Sophie Turner was betrothed to her musician boyfriend, Joe Jonas, with an impressive pear diamond positioned in a solitaire, double-banded pave setting. 

*Ariana Grande-Comedian Pete Davidson proposed to Singer Ariana after dating for only a few weeks. Pete surprised Ariana with a captivating pear diamond ring in a halo setting. Maybe it’s no surprise that the engagement didn’t last, but we still love that pear engagement ring!

Whether choosing the romance of a vintage setting, or the cutting-edge mode of a modern setting, wearing a pear engagement ring is a great way to show one’s uniqueness and style.