Radiant Engagement Rings

The term radiance has been defined as “great happiness which shows in someone’s face and makes them look very attractive.” Wearing a radiant engagement ring would surely make your left hand more attractive and could certainly put a smile on your face! If you are looking for the sparkle of a brilliant diamond, but you prefer rectangular-shaped stones, a radiant engagement ring may be just for you. Until the radiant, no step-cut diamond appeared so dazzling. With a mix of brilliant-cut facets on the pavilion and step-cut facets on the crown, the radiant cut diamond gives us the best of both worlds. The radiant’s bevelled corners give it less of a geometric shape than the princess cut, but the stone is also less likely to become chipped. Its 70 facets, compared to 58 in the brilliant cut, allows a radiant engagement ring to disperse maximum light, so it will twinkle like no other. 

History of the Radiant Engagement Ring

Compared to older diamond cuts from the 1400s, the radiant cut diamond is quite new. Designed by Master diamond cutter Henry Grossbard in 1977, the radiant exhibits fire and brilliance like no other diamond can. Grossbard developed a cutting technique that integrated the brilliance of the round-shaped diamond and the rectangular shapes of the emerald (step-cut) diamond. Before Henry’s creation, some buyers loved the rectangular shape of the emerald cut diamond, but preferred that it had more sparkle. Henry sought to find the perfect balance and spent quite a bit of money trying out various cutting techniques, before perfecting the original radiant cut.

Great Heights’ Selection of Radiant Engagement Rings

If you want to bring everyone’s attention to your left ring hand, then the radiant cut diamond is an excellent choice for your engagement ring! And a solitaire setting is a sure fire way to make that dazzler really stand out. Whether in a classic, modern or vintage style, a solitaire radiant engagement ring exudes pizzaz. Not that flashy a gal? If you are not as into the gasps and stares that a solitaire radiant engagement ring can illicit, choosing one of our halo or three-stone settings can tone your sparkle down a tad. Great Heights has many band options which will truly make your ring fit your style. From smooth modern bands, to braided, paved, engraved, and split shanks-there are multiple ways to make your radiant engagement ring unique.

Our ring builder feature makes it easy to combine radiant diamonds with various settings to create that special look. And you’ll be excited to learn that not only are our lab-grown diamonds up to 40% less expensive than mined diamonds, they are also ethical and environmentally-friendly.

Tips for Choosing Radiant Engagement Rings

*Radiant cut diamonds disperse more light than any other cut, so inclusions can easily be hidden inside your radiant engagement ring. You can feel confident purchasing a diamond with a clarity grade of S2 or better.

*Because those extra facets in a radiant diamond hide color well, an H color score or higher is more than adequate to give you a whiter-looking stone.

*Do you really want your ring to be unique? A rose or yellow gold radiant engagement ring is the next step in creating the special “wow!” you may be looking for!

*When considering a radiant engagement ring, look for a diamond with parallel sides, a centered culet (the tip of the pavilion), and even corners.

*A great compliment to your radiant diamond is to add two flanking stones. Trilliant and rectangular-shaped stones look right at home with the radiant, but let your personal taste guide you.

Celebrities Wearing Radiant Engagement Rings

With so many wonderful Great Heights’ setting options to choose from, deciding on your radiant engagement ring can be fun, yet time consuming. One way to shorten your search can be to see how different celebs are wearing their rings, then see if you can build something similar on our site. Here are some celebrities who wear the radiant engagement ring well.

*Hillary Duff-Singer-songwriter Matthew Koma proposed to Hillary with a stunning French-set, platinum radiant engagement ring. Hillary’s beautiful setting is crowned with a 14-carat, radiant cut diamond.

*Megan Fox-Legends of the Lost actress, Megan Fox, received a lovely radiant engagement ring from her husband, actor Brian Austin. Megan’s 3-carat stone sits in a platinum, double-band, halo setting.

*Anna Kournikova-This gorgeous and talented tennis pro is lucky enough to be the long-time partner to singer Enrique Iglesias. Although Anna wears a pink pear diamond ring at times, she also switches to a spectacular fancy yellow radiant engagement ring. Her radiant cut diamond sits in a three-stone setting with two trilliant diamonds flanking her center stone.

*Drew Barrymore-Although actress/director/producer Drew and art consultant Will Kopleman are no longer married, her radiant engagement ring is still worth mentioning. Drew’s ring from Will was a beautiful example of how well a radiant cut diamond works in a solitaire setting. Her simple, yet elegant, 4-carat stone sat in a slender, French setting, making her radiant cut diamond appear much larger than 4 carats.

Whether you choose an up-to-date modern setting, or a romantic vintage setting, pairing it with a radiant diamond can take your engagement ring to the next level.