Extending Our Mission: Recycled Metal

The metal used in your engagement ring or piece of fine jewelry reflects a personal style preference. It can also support your environmental commitment. Extending our mission for lab-grown diamonds, Great Heights uses the finest eco-friendly recycled materials and re-refined precious metals in all of our jewelry.  

Eco-Friendly Recycled Metal

Metals are valuable resources that can be recycled over and over without degrading their properties. All of the white, yellow, and rose gold, as well as platinum that we use are eco-friendly recycled metals. They are sourced from places such as: existing jewelry, industrial and manufactured metals, even electronic components, specifically for re-use in fine jewelry. Our metal does not come from common scrap recycling that contains post-consumer products like technology or scrap waste metals.

At this time, we don’t offer some of the smaller parts in recycled metal due to the limited availability. These include, but are not limited to: mountings, chains, clasps, earring backings, etc. We are always searching for ways to increase our recycled metal use and hope to one day offer all components made with 100% recycled metal.

Certified Responsible

The Responsible Jewellery Council certifies all of the precious recycled metal used by Great Heights. This ensures that the quality of our metal is as high as what would be originally sourced from the earth, just without the negative impact.

The Responsible Jewellery Council helps companies of all sizes, throughout the jewellery supply chain, meet the rising ethical demands of peers, consumers, financial institutions and civil society.”

Gold’s Dirty History

Gold mining is as outdated and unethical as diamond mining. Its history includes labor abuses, dangerous work conditions, environmental devastation and even civil war. The mining process contaminates drinking water, generates mountains of wastes, devastates landscapes, and significantly contributes to water pollution.

By insisting on recycled materials and reducing the demand for new metal, Great Heights can reduce the negative impacts of dirty gold. We also manufacture all of our settings in the United States to help maintain our quality standards and ensure environmental and ethical accountability.

Recycled Metal Options

Your recycled metal choice contributes to the value and wearability of your setting and should be a factor in your final jewelry selection. There are small subtleties between yellow, white, and rose gold and platinum that are important to understand before making a purchase. Review our guide to learn about the different types of precious metals that we offer and where they are sourced.