Although we don’t personally offer insurance for our Great Heights rings, we highly recommend that you insure this important piece of jewelry. Here are a few common ways that our customers have gone about the insurance process.

Homeowners Insurance. If you’re covered under a homeowners policy, your jewelry might be as well. Check with your agent to see figure out the details specific to your plan.

Renters Insurance. Similar to homeowners insurance, a renters policy might also cover engagement rings and other jewelry. Check with your insurance agent to learn more. 

Jewelry Insurance. There are companies that insure only jewelry. This can sometimes be more affordable and a great option if you’re not covered under homeowners or renters insurance. 

It’s important to note that some insurers will require an insurance appraisal supplied by an independent jewelry appraiser for coverage. It’s also common for them to ask for a copy of the detailed invoice for the item purchased. If for any reason you misplace your Great Heights invoice, feel free to reach out for a copy.