Solitaire Engagement Rings

A solitaire engagement ring is an elegant style in which the diamond takes center stage! A lone center diamond sits atop the ring, with no pave halos or side accent diamonds to distract from the shimmering focal point. The uncomplicated look of a solitaire engagement ring can appeal to many tastes. They can be petite and delicate, or they can be large and bold. The Solitaire is so well-loved, in a recent survey on The Knot wedding website, 25% of over 7,000 engaged women revealed they were given solitaire engagement rings.

Great Heights’ Selection of Solitaire Engagement Rings

With our unique selection of settings, you can be confident that you’ll find the perfect foundation for the dazzling, ethically-created diamond of your choosing. Go with the classic look of a smooth, uncomplicated band with a simple four prong setting. Or choose a setting with sophisticated scrolled cut outs and a six prong setting. The abundance of diamond shapes that we offer gives you the ability to personalize your ring even further. You might decide on the more classical, soft-edged shape of a round or oval diamond, or you might be drawn to the modern angles of an emerald or cushion-shaped stone. With so many options, you’ll be sure to find the setting and diamond combination that speaks to you. And you can feel good knowing that you are choosing an ethical lab-grown diamond to complete your special ring.

Buying a Solitaire Engagement Ring

What’s Your Style? If you’ve already chosen your Solitaire engagement ring style-good for you! If you are just starting your search, you’ve come to the right place. Not only will you have the opportunity to view various Solitaire styles, you’ll also get a chance to look through our large collection of ethically-created lab-grown diamonds.  To make the entire process easier, you can use our convenient, online Ring Builder feature to create the ring you’ve been dreaming of. 

Understanding your design aesthetic is key to picking out the perfect ring. Do you favor a sleek, modern look? Or are you drawn to all things vintage and lean toward a more embellished style? In general, the Solitaire style is simple and classic, but there is always room for a little extra detail! Still not sure? Luckily, our Ring Builder makes it easy to try out various Solitaire settings with a variety of diamond shapes to create your perfect ring! 

What’s In a Ring? Before you begin, it's good to understand exactly what elements make up an engagement ring. Every diamond engagement ring is made up of two components: the setting and the center diamond. The setting is the part of the ring with the most elements, and includes everything except the center diamond. Starting at the bottom there is the band, or bands. The band could be smooth or it might be engraved or have decorative cut outs. Next is the basket and prongs which the diamond sits in and which attaches the diamond to the band. 

Choosing the Setting - The setting of your Solitaire engagement ring ‘sets the stage’ for your center diamond. Popular Solitaire-style settings include Cathedral, Prong, Tension and Bezel. The prong setting is a minimal, classic design, with slender metal arms holding the diamond in place. The Cathedral setting is a type of prong setting with long graceful arms that form a basket in which the center diamond sits, allowing the diamond to be easily seen from all angles. The cathedral setting is so called because it is reminiscent of the arches of a cathedral’s ceiling. A tension setting is a unique, modern look, where the center diamond is held fashionably, yet, firmly between two metal arms, as if in an embrace. Another good pick for a modern look would be a bezel setting, where the metal completely surrounds the center diamond. Our settings are available in white, yellow, or rose gold, and platinum. The best part about searching for your setting with our Ring Builder is you do so from the comfort of your own home! Once you’ve chosen the setting that you love, it’s time to pair it with one of our 100% lab-created diamonds.

Choosing the Diamond - Now it’s time to find the star of your gorgeous Solitaire setting -- a beautiful diamond. We offer many stunning diamond shapes that look fabulous in a Solitaire engagement ring, including round, princess, oval, pear, emerald, cushion, radiant asscher, and marquis. Not every style of Solitaire setting, however, can pair well with every shape of diamond. The bezel setting, for example, in theory will work with any diamond shape, but usually only a round or princess is used. Favored diamond shapes for other solitaire settings are cushion, pear, and radiant.

If your head is spinning right now and you still don’t know what you like, have fun using our convenient, online Ring Builder feature to help make it easier. Make a match by pairing any diamond shape that is listed with your chosen setting, then pick the diamond that wows you! You can even go back and choose a different setting if the one you thought you loved no longer works for you. Feel free to change the band color to further enhance your ring. If you are not sure what carat size to choose, try a medium weight first, as you can change it to a larger or smaller stone, if need be. The beauty of designing your own ring is you have the ability to create with a variety of setting styles and stone shapes and to work within your budget. You’ll be excited to know that lab-grown diamonds from Great Heights are up to 40% less expensive than mined diamonds! If budget is not a factor in creating your engagement ring, go for the bling and have fun!

Fun Facts About Solitaire Engagement Rings

The 6-prong solitaire setting was introduced over 125 years ago and represents the iconic image of an engagement ring. Even today, the diamond solitaire remains the most favored style.

The most popular diamond for a solitaire ring is the round-shaped, brilliant-cut stone. According to The Knot, 53% of all engagement rings contain this dazzler. The vivid 58- faceted cut creates a diamond with maximum sparkle and increased depth perception.

Actress Elizabth Taylor married eight times, but twice she received two of the largest Solitaire engagement rings of her time. The first was from third husband, producer Mike Todd, who proposed to Taylor with a massive 29.4 carat, Emerald-shaped, Cartier engagement ring in 1957.

The second was a gift from husband five and six, actor Richard Burton. Originally called the Krupp diamond, the 33.19 carat, Type 11a Asscher-shaped stone was eventually renamed the Elizabeth Taylor diamond. Taylor wore the ring, which she eventually referred to as her engagement ring, on movie sets and to film premieres. With its “D” color and VS1 clarity, this diamond is considered to be one of the most chemically pure, with exceptional optical transparency.

One really can’t go wrong choosing a Solitaire style engagement ring. Whether modern or vintage, large or smaller stone, this style ring is sure to stand on its own!