Three Stone Engagement Rings

Many brides-to-be are drawn to the classic, timeless appearance of the solitaire engagement ring, but others prefer a ring with more bling! The Three Stone style adds just that and has become one of the popular setting choices for engagement rings today. In this setting two diamonds grace either side of the center stone, enhancing the overall beauty of the ring, though Three Stone rings can be asymmetrical, as well. A Three Stone setting can be designed to be light and airy by using a delicate pave band topped with small diamonds. A bold, modern look can be achieved with a more substantial center diamond, flanked by two smaller stones. Emerald cut diamonds would work well to achieve either a modern or an Art-Deco look. Whichever way you decide to go, a Three Stone setting offers a great approach to make your engagement ring sparkle!

Great Heights Selection of Three Stone Engagement Rings

You can be sure to find your perfect Three Stone style by looking through our unique selections of ring settings and scintillating diamonds. From modern to vintage, we offer an engagement ring for everyone. What really makes our jewelry special, though, is our assortment of ethically-grown lab diamonds, ready to pair with our attractive Three Stone settings. The regal Three Stone can be found in sleek, pave, carved, and split shank settings, so find the one that speaks to you! And our abundance of diamond shapes gives you the ability to personalize your ring even further. To make the process of choosing a ring easier, we’ve created an online ring-building feature that allows you to pair various Three stone settings with our beautiful diamonds. And you’ll feel good knowing that you have selected an ethical, lab-created diamond to complete your special ring.

Buying a Three Stone Engagement Ring

What’s Your Style? - Understanding your individual aesthetic is key to picking out the perfect ring. Do you keep up with current fashions and like to be on-trend? Or are you more of a romantic and lean toward designs from an older era? Are you drawn to white gold but maybe rose gold looks better on your skin tone? Do you want to make a big statement with your ring or should it be more of a whisper? There is no right answer, but eventually, you will have to decide what you like! When you’re starting off, it's okay if you are attracted to more than one setting. Our Ring Builder feature makes it easy to try out plenty of different Three Stone settings with a variety of diamond shapes to create your perfect ring! 

What’s In a Ring? - Before you begin your search, it's helpful to understand exactly what elements make up an engagement ring. Each ring has two main components: the center diamond and the setting. The setting is the part of the ring with the most elements and includes everything except the center diamond. Starting at the bottom of the ring is the band or bands. The band could be embellished with tiny pave diamonds, it could be carved, or it might have pretty engravings down each side. Next are the prongs which the center diamond sits in and which attach the diamond to the band. As an alternative, the center diamond can sit in a basket, also attaching the center diamond to the band. Finally, there can be side stones, as in a Three Stone ring or a halo of diamonds around the center diamond. Of course, this does not cover all of the possibilities but should give you a general idea.

Choosing the Setting - The Three Stone setting has a romantic feel, so it’s no wonder it’s so popular as an engagement ring. There are three main types for this setting including equally-sized, traditional graduation, and slightly graduated. An equally-sized ring would offer all three stones in the same carat weight; no one stone stands out, so together they form a strong bond. The traditional graduation makes the center diamond the focal point, while smaller diamonds sit on either side. The slightly graduated style speaks for itself, with the two side stones being only slightly smaller than the center diamond. All three are lovely in their own right: which type you choose really just comes down to a matter of personal preference. 

Besides the type of Three Stone, you must consider setting variations, including the color and width of the band, and whether it will be smooth or have embellishments. The best part about searching for your setting with our Ring Builder feature is you get to do so from the comfort of your own home! Once you’ve chosen the setting that you love, it’s time to pair it with one of our pure, lab-created diamonds.

Choosing the Center Diamond - Once you’ve spent time looking through our enchanting collection, it’s time to see what center diamond shapes are available to partner with your chosen Three Stone setting. We offer several stunning diamond shapes that look fabulous in a Three Stone engagement ring, including round, princess, oval, pear, emerald, cushion, and asscher. A softer, romantic look can be achieved with a more spherical stone, like the round, oval, or pear. If you prefer a bold, modern look, the emerald, cushion, princess, and asscher cuts would all work well. Have fun using our convenient, online Ring Builder feature to help make it easier to pair your setting with any of our diamond shapes. 

If you prefer to start with the diamond shape first, instead of a setting, that option is also available on our Great Heights website. Start with any diamond cut or shape that strikes your fancy, narrow the selections with our filters, then pick a diamond you think you might like. You can filter your chosen diamond shape by budget and by cut, color, clarity, and carat.  If you are not sure what carat size to choose, try a medium weight first, as you can change it to a larger or smaller stone, if need be. Once you’ve settled on a specific diamond you can see all of the settings available to pair with that diamond shape, including all of our Three Stone settings. Just click on the “view details” link for your chosen diamond, then the “add to ring” link and you’ll be taken to the list of available settings. Don’t worry-you haven’t bought anything yet! You can still go back and start your search again with a different diamond shape. 

Feel free to change the band color and weight to further enhance your ring. The beauty of designing your own ring is you have the ability to create an engagement ring within your budget, from a variety of setting styles paired with our dazzling, ethical diamonds. And you might like to know that lab-grown diamonds from Great Heights are up to 40% less expensive than mined diamonds! But if budget is not something you need to consider, have fun and go for the bling!

Fun Facts About Three Stone Engagement Rings

*Madonna was one of the first celebrities presented with a Three Stone ring by her former husband, Guy Ritchie, before they wed in 2000. Film director, producer, screenwriter Ritchie gave Madonna a romantic Edwardian-style 5-carat Three Stone ring.

*Some people see the Three Stone engagement ring as symbolic, representing the past, present and future of the engaged couple. Alternatively, the three diamonds can signify the friendship, love, and fidelity each partner feels for the other.

*U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team midfielder, Allie Long, sports a beautiful Three Stone Classic engagement ring. Her Great Heights ethically-grown lab diamonds are arranged with a large emerald cut center diamond, flanked by smaller trapezoid emerald cut stones. Great Heights was proud to design Allie’s new ring with her after her original engagement ring, given to her by husband Jose Batista, was stolen from their NYC hotel room. 

If you are ready to take your style to the next level, you can’t go wrong by choosing a Three Stone engagement ring, especially when you pair it with our pure, ethical lab-grown diamonds.