Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings are unique styles that reference rings from other eras. These ring designs conjure up times that may be long past, but, whose modes and attitudes many future brides wish to recreate. Vintage rings cover a range of time periods, including Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian, Art Deco, Retro, Art Nouveau, and Mid-Century. Whichever Vintage style you choose, your engagement ring is sure to be both stunning and unique. Vintage styles tend to be more ornate, with alluring diamond gemstones placed atop intricately-designed settings. The hardest part about choosing a Vintage engagement ring is deciding which era best suits you. Perusing our online selection of Vintage ring settings and irresistible lab-grown diamonds can help you finally realize the distinctive engagement ring you’ve been dreaming of.

Great Heights' Selection of Vintage Engagement Rings

From intricately-patterned pave settings to elaborate scrolled, engraved, and cut-out designs, our collection of Vintage settings pair beautifully with our exceptional assortment of exquisite diamond gemstones. Great Heights can help you create a Vintage ring you can be proud to wear, not only for its aesthetic appeal, but for its ethical considerations, as well. You may already have an idea of what style of vintage ring you are looking for or you may need to spend some time looking through our extensive selection of Vintage offerings. Whichever route you take, you are sure to find the dazzling diamond that easily compliments your chosen Vintage setting, suitable for both your budget and your sense of style. You’ll have fun designing your Vintage engagement ring with our straightforward and simple online ring builder. 

Buying a Vintage Engagement Ring

What’s Your Style? You may already know exactly what type of Vintage ring you’re itching to create, but if not, you’ll want to consider what style of ring you, or your sweetheart, prefers. Do you pine for the luxurious, opulent rings of the Edwardian era, or are you drawn to the smooth lines and geometric shapes that defined the Art Deco movement? Understanding what you like is key to picking out the perfect ring. Still not sure? Luckily, our online Ring Builder feature makes it easy to try out distinctive Vintage settings, paired with any of a variety of diamond shapes that we offer, to help you create the ring of your dreams! Let’s first consider what elements make up an engagement ring so you can personalize your own ring with ease.

Choosing the Setting- All diamond engagement rings are made up of two main elements: the setting and the center diamond. The setting of an engagement ring includes everything except the center diamond. The setting is made up of the band (or bands) and any smaller diamonds that may be set in the band, or, the pave effect. It includes all diamonds that surround (halo) or flank the center diamond, as well as the prongs which hold the diamond in place. Using our easy to use online tools you might choose an uncomplicated smooth setting in white, yellow or rose gold, or platinum. Conversely, you could go with something more embellished, like a braided pave, a double band pave or a beautifully scrolled design. The best part is you can take your time and compare our extensive variety of Vintage settings from the comfort of your home! Once you’ve chosen the Vintage setting that speaks to you, it’s time to match it with one of our fabulous ethically-grown diamond gemstones.

Choosing the Diamond- You’ve selected your Vintage setting and chosen the color of your band, but you’re not finished yet! Now you get to determine which stunning diamond shape to put into your setting to complete your engagement ring. Great Heights offers various diamond shapes including round, princess, oval, pear, emerald, cushion, and radiant. Not sure which shape will best suit your chosen Vintage setting? Don’t worry, as you can have a lot of fun trying out each of our diamond shapes, one at a time, with your chosen setting, by using our convenient online Ring Builder feature. You can even try out a different band color than the one you initially chose to further enhance the diamond and Vintage setting. Not sure what size diamond to pair with your setting? Try choosing what size diamond looks best to you, then check the price of the ring: you can always go back and change the diamond size, if need be. The beauty of designing your own ring online is you have the ability to work within your budget. Did we mention that lab-grown diamonds from Great Heights are up to 40% less expensive than mined diamonds? Perhaps now you’ll want to go for that bigger diamond! Above all, have fun while you mix and match Vintage settings with our ethical diamonds.

*Note-If you are purchasing a ring for your significant other and want it to be a surprise, it’s best to determine what style ring your partner likes before designing one on your own. Look out for subtle hints they may be dropping or talk to friends and family to find out if they have an idea of what style your partner prefers.

Celebrities Wearing Vintage Engagement Rings

Many celebrities favor Vintage rings, allowing them to make a statement about their style and stand out with a unique design. Here are some celebrities who can be seen wearing Vintage engagement rings:

Emily Blunt - Emily’s fiance, John Krasinski, an American actor and entrepreneur, graced the accomplished actress with an elegant Edwardian-style vintage ring. It’s 3-carat round center stone is flanked by baguettes atop a platinum setting.

Natalie Portmen - Natalie’s husband, dancer Benjamin Millepied, designed her engagement ring with jewelry designer Jamie Wolf. They fashioned an older 4-carat diamond into a platinum Halo-style setting to create a dazzling ring.

Kristen Bell - Celebrity jewelry designer Neil Lane was chosen to create Kristen’s engagement ring by her husband, Dax Shepard. Kristen’s finger is graced with a 3-carat champagne-colored emerald-shaped diamond, situated in a platinum pave Art Deco- inspired setting.

Christina Agulera - Christina’s substantial Vintage-inspired engagement ring is as unique as the singer herself. Husband Matt Rutler helped design the queen-sized 15 plus-carat (!) diamond ring, whose center stone approximates at 4 carats. 

Designing your own, or your partner’s, Vintage-style engagement ring can help you recreate a romantic era from the past and allows you to fashion a ring unique to your liking. Great Heights makes this easy with the Ring Builder feature of our exceptional website. Try it out and create the engagement ring of your dreams!